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If your organisation has batches of unused, surplus or scrapped electronic resources to sell, contact 2-RC. We offer you a good price for your obsolete electronic equipment and guarantee you a fast, convenient process.

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Consumer electronics

Elektronic components

WEEE & AEEA scrap

Buyer of surplus electronics

We specialise in purchasing and processing (residual) batches of surplus electronic equipment. For example, ICT-related products such as surplus hardware (computers, laptops and smart phones) and also consumer electronics (TVs, game consoles and other audio/video equipment). In addition, we purchase and process batches of obsolete electronic components (active and passive components) and all kinds of electronic residual waste, otherwise known as ‘WEEE and AEEA scrap’ or ‘electrowaste’.

We buy batches of surplus electronics throughout the EU

From our bases in the Netherlands, we buy batches of surplus electronic equipment throughout the EU. We work with various carriers on a daily basis to collect your batch of electronic equipment from virtually any desired location in Europe.

Reuse-oriented recycling

At 2-RC, we believe in the principle of ‘reuse-oriented recycling’. This means that products are fully or partly refurbished, where possible, and sold again. As an alternative, we look to intrinsic material recovery, whereby materials can serve a useful purpose in products of a different type. A large proportion of the batches of surplus electronic equipment that we receive is reused in this way and/or serves as the raw material for another product. In this way, our company contributes to the circular economy, which is aimed for by governments and other organisations all over the world. Read more about our ambition in this field.

Higher return through reuse: Win-Win

Reusing electronic devices or components is better for the environment. Furthermore, this means that the return from batches of residual electronic equipment is higher. With 2-RC, it means you get a higher offer for your batch of surplus electronics than from the regular recycling industry.

The best price for your batch of surplus electronics?

Why you should choose 2-RC

  • The best price for your batch of surplus electronics.
  • Speed and convenience guaranteed.
  • We buy batches throughout the EU.
  • We aim for ‘reuse-oriented recycling’.
  • Environmental and social responsibility.