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No-obligation proposal

Receive a proposal for your surplus electronics within one working day.

Have a batch of surplus hardware? 2-RC offers you the best price! As buyer of batches electronic equipment, we specialise in processing batches of surplus hardware such as computers, servers, laptops and more. In 2-RC, you will find a reliable partner for the sale of your surplus batch of hardware; we offer you convenience, and relieve you of problems through the entire process.

The best price for your batch of surplus hardware.

To sell your batch of hardware, complete the application form. Within one working day, we will send you a good, clear proposal and – if you agree to it – we will make an appointment to collect the batch from you. From our base in the Netherlands, we buy batches of hardware throughout the EU.

Valuing your surplus hardware

No time to list your own inventory? For larger hardware batches, it is also possible to invite a representative to visit you. If you want more information on how this works, or if you would like to make an appointment immediately, feel free to contact us.

The hardware we buy

The following are some examples of the various types of surplus hardware that we can buy per batch:

  • Servers and all kinds of other electronics from data centres, such as network and date storage equipment, tape robots, UPSs, etc.
  • Computers & laptops
  • Computer monitors
  • Smart phones, tablets, and other smart devices

Do you have a batch of surplus hardware in a category that isn’t in the above list? Let us know, and we will look at the possibilities for your specific batch.

Higher return on surplus hardware through reuse

Because we primarily aim for reuse-oriented recycling of the hardware and our complete working method focuses on this, we get a higher return from the batches of surplus hardware which we purchase. That is better for the environment, and we give you a higher offer for your hardware batch than you would get from a regular buyer. A win-win situation!


As well as the hardware products and components that we can refurbish and remarket as used, there are elements which are eligible for intrinsic material recovery. These components are then useful in other kinds of products, from furniture to works of art.

Of course, some waste also remains and, for the correct processing of the waste streams, we work together with various professional parties who have the right certification in (among other things) recycling and data deletion (including WEEELABEX certification). Click here to read more about our working method in the field of reuse-oriented recycling.