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No-obligation proposal

Receive a proposal for your surplus electronics within one working day.

We offer good prices for batches of unused, redundant or scrapped consumer electronic equipment. Do you have a batch of surplus consumer electronics, such as a job lot of TVs or game consoles, and are you curious about its value? If so, request a no-obligation proposal via the application form, and receive a proposal from us within one working day.

Buyer of surplus electronic products

Looking for someone to buy your batch of surplus consumer electronic equipment? If so, we are the company to help you. The following gives an overview of the electronic products which we regularly purchase by batch:

  • Televisions and other video monitors.
  • Radios, CD players, DVD players and MP3 players.
  • Game consoles such as Playstation and X-Box.

Got a batch of consumer electronic equipment not mentioned above? If so, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Selling surplus electronics – this is how it works

Want to sell a batch of consumer electronic equipment or other electronic products? This is how to go about it:

  1. Complete the application form, listing and describing your batch.
  2. You will receive an offer for your batch of electronic equipment within one working day!
  3. If you agree, we will collect the batch and transfer the amount to you.

More money for your batch of surplus electronics through reuse

2-RC’s working method focuses of reuse-oriented recycling of the batches of electronic equipment which we, as a purchaser, receive from you. This produces a higher return per batch, which means we can offer you more money for your batch of consumer electronic equipment. Moreover, it is better for the environment and contributes to the goal of a circular economy.


Intrinsic material recovery and waste processing

Products and components from the batches of consumer electronic equipment which are not eligible for recycling are selected for intrinsic material recovery (useful exploitation in products of a different type) or are processed as waste. We work with various professional partners who also have the necessary certificates (including WEEELABEX certification) to handle the various waste streams correctly.