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Receive a proposal for your surplus electronics within one working day.

When selling your batch of surplus electronic scrap, we are your partner of choice. We will buy your electrowaste – including WEEE and AEEA scrap – and ensure it is dealt with correctly via our specially certified partners (with certification including WEEELABEX). And you get the best price for your batch of electronic scrap!

Want to know now what your batch of WEEE and AEEA scrap is worth? If so, complete the application form without obligation, and we will send a proposal within one working day.

Buyer of electronic scrap

2-RC has been a buyer of batches electronic scrap and other electronics for years, which means we have the expertise to value your batch of electrowaste. Want to know more about selling your electronic scrap? If so, feel free to contact our specialists. We will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities.

High return on electronic scrap through reuse

There is an increasing tendency to try reusing defective electronic equipment, and electronic scrap (WEEE and AEEA scrap) often plays an important part in this. Devices are repaired, and elements of electronic scrap can often be reused in this process. Because we primarily look to the possibility of reusing all products, and collaborate with parties who repair at the component level, much of the scrap we receive is reused. That provides a higher return from the electronic scrap, and ultimately a higher offer for your batch.