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With 2-RC, you are assured not only of smooth communication and first-class service, but also of a good price for your batches of surplus electronic equipment. On this page, we explain how valuations are arrived at and we give a couple of price examples as indications.

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Value of hardware or consumer electronics batch

With ‘reuse-oriented recycling’ of hardware and consumer electronic equipment, these are the most important aspects that determine the price:

  • In general: The newer the better; younger equipment is frequently more reusable (in whole or in part), and therefore worth more.
  • Big brands are worth more; equipment from brands such as Dell and HP are easier to reuse and remarket than products from exotic/unknown brands or manufacturers.
  • Functionality is a key issue; a 2TB hard drive is easier to reuse and to sell than an 80GB hard drive. The same applies to a 10/100/1000/10 GB switch versus a 10/100 switch, etc.
  • Components make the difference; even if the machine/device retains no interesting value (or is completely defective), the components from that device may still be usable.

Value of electronic components

In general, electronic components can be viewed as building bricks (rather like Lego blocks) for simply “everything with a power cord”. In valuing a batch of electronic components, the manufacturer and even the age are less crucial. The key here is that the components should ideally be new and unused, and preferably in the original, undamaged packaging. Of course, we can also accept and process batches of used components.